Greetings from the president

AlphaNavi Pharma Inc. has established by Kyoto university, Akita university, Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co Ltd., and some investors, whose mission is to develop a novel analgesic drug for patients suffering from pain, their families, and medical professionals as soon as possible and to regain the smiles of patients and their families.

In addition to in-house research and clinical development, AlphaNavi Pharma would like to create new values by collaborating with academia, investors, patients, and many supporters in the world.

CEO Yoshihiro Oyamada Ph.D.

Yoshihiro Oyamada


Our mission to get patients’ and their family’s
smiles back through the research &
development of innovative novel drugs.


Thoughts on the company name

“Alpha” means initial, first, and top. In addition to it, we hope that our novel Nav inhibitors would be sent to patients, who are suffering from rare chronic pain syndrome, to “navigate” them and their families to happiness beyond their smile.
AlphaNavi is named by combining with both alpha and navigate.

Board Members

Yoshihiro Oyamada, Ph.D.

Yoshihiro Oyamada, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Hirotsugu Hayashi, Ph.D.

Hirotsugu Hayashi, Ph.D.

Director, COO

Hiroyuki Ueno, Ph.D.

Hiroyuki Ueno, Ph.D.

(Executive Manager,Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co. Ltd.)

Manabu Nakamura, MBA

Manabu Nakamura, MBA

(Managing Partner,Shinsei Capital Partners, Ltd.)

Seiji Hori, Ph.D.

Yuta Shibue

(Associate Director,Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma Co. Ltd.)

Yasuji Furutani, Ph.D.

Ishidahara Masaru

Statutory Auditor

Company Profile

CompanyAlphaNavi Pharma Inc.
CEOYoshihiro Oyamada
HeadquarterEnoki-cho 33-94, Suita,
Osaka, 564-0053
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EstablishmentJan 29, 2019